Fat Reduction

Fat Reduction

What is fat Reduction?

Fat reduction is a procedure done to remove excess fats and surrounding tissues, helping you achieve a more toned, healthy and aesthetic figure. It can be done surgically or non-surgically depending upon the individual as well as the intensity of their condition.
As for non-surgical fat reduction, it is a very common procedure done across the globe by men and women alike. Whether it is to speed up their fat loss journey, or to simply look more toned and elegant, fat reduction helps cater to every one of these needs. Today, there are various types of fat reduction procedures available, each with its set of benefits and effects.

Some commonly known fat reduction procedures include CoolSculpting, Laser fat reduction, Lipolysis, CM-Slim, etc.

Fat reduction can be done to any part of your body, wherein stubborn fats exist. Depending upon the type of treatment as well as the severity of fat deposits, fat reduction can be done to the neck, chest, belly, thighs, chin, arms, back, and even knees.

How does fat reduction work?

Non-surgical fat reduction often involves minimally invasive procedures, which can include heating/cooling through handheld devices, injecting medication to target region, etc. These procedures help break down the fat cells from within.

Due to advancements in technology, the types of fat reduction procedure available can not only help reduce fat cells but also reduces cellulite, loose skin, unwanted hair, etc.

As these treatments make use of non or minimally invasive procedures, the body suffers little to no trauma during the sessions. Nerves, tissues, skin, etc. remain safe and uninjured, while the fat cells are broken down.

What are the benefits of fat reduction?

There are several benefits to fat reduction, apart from the obvious loss of excess fats and bodily toning. Some health benefits include:

  • Little to no downtime post-procedure
  • No anaesthesia needed
  • No residual scars or incisions
  • Little to no side effects
  • Long-lasting results (especially if patient maintains a healthy lifestyle)


Are there any side effects to fat reduction?

As is the case with every treatment, fat reduction also may have some side effects. Although these aren’t as common as the side effects observed after an invasive procedure, it is still imperative to take note of these, to help you understand your treatment better. Some of these side effects or limitations can include:

  • Swelling, bruising or discomfort after the treatment (usually temporary)
  • Burning or stinging in the treated region (usually temporary)
  • Long-term pain in the region
  • Fat and weight gain
  • Fat loss may not be accurate

What are some pre- and post-fat reduction requirements?

Like with every treatment, you will be briefed on various steps to follow that can help you ease in and out of the procedure during your sessions. Some general preparatory steps can include:

  • Identifying your problem areas to discuss with the expert/doctor
  • Wearing loose-fitting and comfortable clothes
  • Understanding your treatment, its benefits and side effects, etc.
  • Staying hydrated (unless stated otherwise)

After your sessions, it is often advised to follow aftercare steps, which can aid the recovery process and yield maximum results. A few general aftercare steps can include:

  • Wearing comfortable clothing for a few days (until the initial discomfort goes away)
  • Stay patient and hopeful
  • Stay hydrated
  • Eat healthy, balanced meals
  • Maintain an active lifestyle

Who is a good candidate for fat reduction?

For those who have stubborn fats in their body, that do not reduce despite healthy habits, fat reduction treatments can greatly help. It is always advisable to consult an expert beforehand, as they can guide you on the best-suited procedure for you, as well as other details including a number of sessions, side effects if any, etc.

Fat reduction, however, is not suitable for everyone. Pregnant or breastfeeding women, for instance, are not good candidates for a fat reduction. Those with a significantly large amount of fat in their body may also not benefit from simple, non-invasive fat reduction. Hence, expert opinion is always needed before any treatments are opted for.

How long do the effects of fat reduction last?

Since fat reduction treatments directly target the fat cells in the body, the effects of a fat reduction can be near to permanent in many cases. Depending upon the treatment done as well as the individual’s body type, results could vary, but not significantly.
The type of treatment done can also determine the amount of sessions needed before results become visible. In general cases, results may begin to appear in about 3 weeks, with the full effect coming in at about a few months.

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Fat Reduction