Laser Hair Rejuvenation

Hair Growth Cycle

Hair grows in repeated cycles of 3 phases. Normally up to 90% of the hair follicles is an anagen phase.

Phase 1 – Anagen (Growth Phase) Laser Hair Rejuvenation
Anagen is the growing phase of hair. The process can vary from 2 to 6 years. During the anagen phase, hair cells multiply rapidly and the hair shaft grows approximately 10cm per year.

Phase 2 – Catagen (Transitional Phase)
Catagen phase can last for about 1 to 2 weeks. It is called “transitional” phase as the hair stop growing and before the telogen/resting phase begins.

Phase 3 – Telogen (Resting Phase)

Telogen phase lasts about 3 months. During the telogen phase, the hair does not grow. This old hair will be shed naturally or may be pulled out when we shampoo or comb hair. At the end of the telogen phase, the hair follicles re-enter the anagen phase and a new hair begins to grow from the hair follicles.

How does Laser Hair Rejuvenation work?

Hair has a life cycle in which growth only takes place during the anagen phase. According to research, photobiogenesis therapy induces dormant hair follicles into the anagen phase. The stimulation generates growth of a more vital, robust hair than scalp follicles can generate on its own.
This treatment is clinically and scientifically proven to safely and effectively stimulate cellular metabolism, protein synthesis and regenerate tissues while increasing blood flow. Visible results occur within weeks.

Clinically & Scientifically Proven Laser Hair Rejuvenation

Backed by 15 years of clinical and scientific studies, laser therapy documents a 40 – 60% increase in hair density.
Combined with a significant 85% success rate in halting the progression of hair loss, the Laser Hair Rejuvenation treatment is clinically and scientifically proven for its extraordinary results with no incidence of adverse side effects.

Benefits of Laser Hair Rejuvenation

Painless & effective
45% increase in hair count with suppler, healthier hair
Stimulates cellular metabolism, protein synthesis & regenerate tissue
Increase blood flow within the nourishing cells of the scalp by 54%
Optimizes photobiogenesis in hair follicles to stimulate hair growth

The Picture of Possibilities

The Laser Hair Rejuvenation treatment at NeuGlow incorporates an integrated camera system that clearly shows each new patient the number of dormant hair follicles in a square centimetre that can be put into the anagen phase. This system dramatically demonstrates the improvement throughout therapy.

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