LDM (Local Dynamic Micro-massage)

LDM (Local Dynamic Micro-massage)

What is LDM ( Local Dynamic Massage)?

Local Dynamic Micro Massage, or LDM, is a non-invasive procedure used to treat skin problems in the dermis and epidermis layers. It makes use of ultrasonic energy at higher frequencies to bring about a strong “micro-massage” effect on the skin tissues.
This effect stimulates and activates fibroblasts in the skin, that results in the regeneration of collagen, elastin as well as hyaluronic acid, for a more lifted, and rejuvenated look.

How the LDM treatment is Done?

There are various steps involved in a Local Dynamic Micro Massage, including a head massage, double cleansing, application of peeling liquids, extractions, application of an LDM machine, lymphatic drainage massage, application of facial masks as well as application of protectant creams. The entire LDM procedure, hence, takes about 90 minutes to complete.

How does the Local Dynamic Micro Massage (LDM) work?

Each step in a Local Dynamic Micro Massage helps the skin in one way or the other. Double cleansing done can help remove the day’s build up and prepare the skin. Peeling liquids applied help with the removal of dead skin, that helps even out the skin tone.
The LDM machine itself, sends duo-frequency ultrasound waves to stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid regeneration. And finally, the lymphatic drainage massage helps detoxify the skin tissues by removing any lymphatic build-up and cleanses the skin from within.

To top it off, the additional massages and creams help relax the skin, adding to the natural rejuvenation of the facial tissues.

Benefits of Local Dynamic Micro Massage (LDM):

There are various benefits to a Local Dynamic Micro Massage, including:
  • Stimulation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production in the skin tissues
  • Restoration of skin’s natural volume
  • Renewal of skin’s youthful glow
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
LDM could also be used to treat dermatological conditions such as:
  • Acne & acne scars
  • Dermatitis
  • Keloids or hypertrophic scars
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis

Are there any side effects of  Local Dynamic Micro Massage?

There are no side effects to a Local Dynamic Micro Massage. Ultrasound waves are safe for the skin and therefore do not cause any harmful side effects.

Who is the Suitable candidate for LDM ( Local Dynamic Micro Massage)?

Local Dynamic Micro Massage is suitable for those who:

  • Want to get rid of bloating and toxic build-up in the face
  • Want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Want to restore the skin’s natural volume and glow
  • Want to regenerate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin tissues

This procedure is, however, not suitable for those who fall under any of the following categories:

  • Women who are expecting or breast-feeding
  • People who have skin-related medical conditions
  • People who take blood-thinning medications
  • Those who have deep vein thrombosis
  • Those who have a tumour, infection or unhealed wound in the treatment region

What are the pre or post-procedure requirements?

There are no specific requirements to be followed before or after the treatment. However, you will need to follow a proper skincare routine as advised by the specialist and avoid overexposure to the sun.

How long does the effect of Local Dynamic Micro Massage Treatment Last?

Changes in the skin’s appearance can be seen almost immediately after the treatment. In order to have the effects last longer, multiple sessions are advisable, usually with a frequency of twice per week for 4-6 weeks, after which maintenance session are needed every 2-3 months. For more complex cases, the frequency of sessions may vary depending on the severity of the condition.

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LDM (Local Dynamic Micro-massage)