Agnes micro-needling

Agnes micro-needling

What is Agnes Micro-needling?

AGNES is an aesthetic treatment machine based on radio frequency energy. The device consists of several micro needles that directly targets sebaceous glands, blackheads, wrinkles and fat, without disturbing the surrounding structures. These needles, due to their size and precision, can deliver controlled radio frequency directly to the targeted regions, resulting in a more accurate treatment with minimal downtime and side effects.

How is the Agnes Micro-needling done?

After a topical anaesthetic cream is applied to the targeted region, about 20 minutes before the procedure, the AGNES micro-needling process begins. Once the microneedles are inserted into the targeted region, controlled radio frequency impulses are passed through it, which directly impact the sebaceous glands, unwanted fats, etc.

How does Agnes Micro-Needling work?

The heat produced due to the radio frequency stimulates collagen production and tightens the skin. The radio frequency can also penetrate deep and target enlarged pores and sebaceous glands, shrinking or destroying them, resulting in reduced acne and smaller pores. AGNES micro-needling can also be used as a non-surgical sculpting method, as it improves the fat accumulation in certain regions as well as defines the jaw/chin regions.

What are the Benefits of Agnes Micro-Needling?

There are various benefits to undergoing an AGNES micro-needling treatment, including:

  • Removal of fat and tightening of skin, simultaneously
  • Shortened time of procedure
  • Precise and safe technology
  • Insulated micro needles, allowing for greater protection to surrounding tissues
  • Customisable procedure, due to the use of AGNES

AGNES micro-needling can, hence, be used to treat various problems, including:

  • Eye bags
  • Skin sagging
  • Eye wrinkles
  • Fat around chin, jaw and neck
  • Enlarged pores
  • Scars
  • Adverse skin texture

What are the possible side effects of Agnes Micro-needling?

There is minimal downtime to this procedure and does not contribute to any side effects, as AGNES micro-needling directly targets the problem regions without affecting any of the surrounding tissues and structures.

Who is a Suitable candidate for Agnes Micro-needling?

If you happen to experience any of the aforementioned conditions, you may consider getting an AGNES micro-needling treatment. This procedure can suit all skin types and all ages.

What is the Pre or Post Procedure requirement?

Before the procedure, a consultation is necessary, to identify your problem areas and target them accurately. Although usually there isn’t much preparation to be done beforehand, you could always reconfirm with the specialist and await their instructions.
After the treatment, many are able to return to daily activities in no time. If any discomfort of sensitivity is felt, you may ice the region. For deeper treatments, you may experience a little bit of redness, or swelling, which will fade away within a few days. Do also consult your specialist on specific habits to follow post-procedure, if any.

How Long does the effect of  Agnes Micro-needling last?

Immediately after the treatment, your skin may appear adverse for a few days. However, this will eventually fade away in a few days, revealing tighter and fresher skin.

This effect can last for a while, and maybe a permanent solution to your issue. However, for more severe cases of acne, or wrinkles, multiple sessions may be required to achieve satisfactory results and must be discussed with your specialist.


Agnes micro-needling