Regenera Activa

Regenera Activa

What is Regenera Activa?

Regenera Activa is a scalp treatment that regulates natural hair growth and thickening by activating the hair follicles in the problem areas. It has zero downtown and little to no side effects, making it a safe and effective treatment for pattern baldness in both men and women.

How is Regenera Activa Treatment Done?

Regenera Activa is a microsurgical process that begins with a small portion of skin being shaved down to extract the hair and skin grafts. These grafts are then processed and broken down into micrografts, that are then reintroduced into the targeted region at varying depths to activate the weaker follicles that result in baldness.

How Do the Regenera Activa works?

Regenera Activa works by reintroducing the stronger, more necessary cells into the problem region, in order to stimulate the follicles and activate their natural growth characteristics through enhancing cell synergy.

What are the Benefits of Regenera Activa?

Regenera Activa provides you with a variety of benefits, including:

  • No need for multiple sessions
  • Safe and minimally invasive procedure
  • Little to no side effects
  • Standardized and quick procedure

What are the possible side effects of Regenera Activa Treatment?

There are little to no side effects that you can have from opting for Regenera Activa. In extremely rare scenarios, you may experience slight scarring and/or infection at the site of the graft extraction. However, this is not common at all and has rarely ever been documented to have happened.

Who is a suitable candidate for Regenera Activa Treatment?

If you happen to experience pattern baldness or hair loss, you may opt to undergo a Regenera Activa session. You will need to undergo a proper consultation so as to determine your hair loss regions and issues, and accurately identify the areas that could or could not work using Regenera Activa.

What is the Pre or Post Procedure Requirement?

It is advisable to have your hair shampooed well before coming in for your appointment, as you will only be able to wet your scalp 24 hours after the treatment. You should also discuss your medical history and current medications to ensure that they would not interfere with the treatment. Medications like blood thinner should be avoided at least a week before the appointment.

After the treatment is done, you will be able to get back to daily activities soon after. However, you will only be able to wash your hair again after 24 hours post-procedure, as the extraction site needs to remained untouched during the time.

You may initially notice light shedding around the extraction site. However, this is temporary, minimal and does not further affect your hair loss. One month after the treatment, you will be needed to come in for a review, wherein the effectiveness of the treatment will be analyzed. A low-level light therapy will also be performed on this day to enhance hair growth.

You will also need to undergo the review session again in 3 months, to analyze the degree of improvement using clinical photographs of the targeted site.

How long does the effect last?

The effectiveness of the Regenera Activa procedure can last up to 1 year, after which annual repetition sessions are advised. However, if you were to pair the Regenera Activa treatment with another, that also promotes hair growth, the lifespan of the effects can be prolonged for much more.






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Regenera Activa